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Bed bugs and cockroaches: a landlord sentenced to pay $ 20,000 to his ex-tenant

Canine Bed Bug Detection

Canine bed bug detection is the most effective way to find the tiny critters. Detector dogs trained according to NESDCA standards have a detection ability of 98 % compared to 35 % for humans. The numbers seem extraordinary, but it is validated by serious studies, including that of the University of Gainesville, Florida. Bed bug detection dogs have the ability to discover bed bugs, from larva to adulthood, and all the mutations in between.

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Beneficial for landlords

Discover how canine detection with certification protects you from excessive extermination fees…

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Beneficial for landlords
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My little story

From euthanasia to bed bug detector…


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My sense of smell is 100,000 times more developed than that of humans…

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The library is a one-stop shop for information about bed bugs and your rights. “Myths or Realities” “Tips and Tricks”

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  • I’m going to visit a friend. I knew one week later that she had bed bugs.
    Paranoia began, I was constantly scratching. A friend recommended ON Flair. I had an r-v the day after my call.
    Excellent and fast service. ON Flair confirmed that I did not have bed bugs… What a relief

    Yannick (Plateau Mt-Royal)
  • I live in Montreal North. I am a single parent of a 9-year-old girl, she loves going to the library. We had bed bugs, and I think she brought that back from the library. I told the library staff, answer was impossible. That my daughter was bitten by other bugs. I made a call to ON Flair. They confirmed to me that it was bed bugs. A big thank you to ON Flair. Now we sleep peacefully.

    Anonymous (Mtl-Nord)
  • I live in the village for 10 years now, in co-location for 6 years with 3 other people. We had a problem with bed bugs. We tried to solve the problem with products that are sold in supermarkets. Without any result. The owner came to see he saw no bug, so did not want to exterminate. I decided to contact ON Flair, for a canine bed bugs detection, thanks! ON Flair, for all the help bring.

    Jean-Guy (Village)
  • Thanks to you, I won my case at Régie du Logement. If I had known before that certifying the accommodation 24 hours before the arrival of my new tenant was acceptable proof, because of repeated infestation. The documents and videos you have given me have proved the safety of housing before the arrival of the tenant, essential as proof for a cause of bed bugs. So I was released from all responsibility. Detection fees are minimal compared to the cost of multiple extermination.

    Maurice (Landlord)
  • ON Flair GREAT WORK! The intervention at my home was fast and efficient it allowed me to find the serenity I had lost following the infestation of my new condo.

    Xavier (Nun’s Island condo owner)
  • Thank you! thank you! thank you! for having identified the source of the infestation. Who would have thought of the taxi?

    Ginette (Taxi driver)
  • Just to say thank you! Advice and information you provided me was a great help in solving the problem that had been going on for far too long.

    Louis (Nun’s Island)
  • The management of housing complex requires us to have great vigilance for bed bugs. Experience has shown that it is more economical to do canine detection with ON Flair before renting the home. ON Flair’s service is always performed with the utmost discretion.

    Dominique (Villeray)
  • The reputation of our restaurant as well as our recurring long-standing clientele requires us to do our utmost to ensure our guests an exceptional dining experience, a pleasant environment and an exemplary health, including the absence of bed bugs. ON Flair’s once-a-week certification program offers us the quality of service that an establishment like our needs. I recommend it to all my colleagues in the industry.

    Antoine (Ahuntsic)
  • We have been using ON Flair’s certification services for two years. A daycare is always prone to infestations. To avoid multiple complications and costs of extermination following an infestation. The certification program is the most efficient and economical way to minimize annual fees.

    Judi (Hochelaga)


If you have or have had a bed bug infestation. PLEASE, enter the information at the Registre des Punaises de Lit de Montreal (public).

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